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Tim OByrne

Tim O'Byrne is an accomplished Beef Quality Assurance-certified cattleman, writer, editor, publisher and livestock industry consultant. When he and his wife Christine started Calico Beef Consulting in 1994, Tim applied his practical background to meet the challenges of today's evolving livestock industry. They have focused much of their consulting work on humane livestock handling and transportation issues. Since 2003, Tim has served as a litigation consultant and expert witness in his area of expertise.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Standard operating procedures and best management practices of North American beef production operations.
  • Beef industry production programs - Beef Quality Assurance (US), Quality Starts Here (Canada).
  • Livestock transportation.
  • Cattle handling and safety.
  • Horse handling and safety.
  • Livestock enclosures, fencing and handling systems.

Services Provided:

Tim is the Publisher and Editor of Working Ranch magazine. Visit it online at

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